Web Search Features
Family Filter
  • Strict Enables the strictest version of the family filter.
  • Moderate Blocks pornography and other explicit sexual content.
  • Off Does not filter adult content from the search results.
Results per page
Choose how many results to display per page.
Open results in new window
When a search result is clicked on, open the web page in a new window.
Video playback
Choose whether you want to be able to play any videos directly on SearchScene. Streaming videos via SearchScene gives you the same privacy protection as viewing the video on the source website itself.
Play videos on hover
Allow SearchScene to automatically stream videos when you hover your pointer over them.
Include Wikipedia topic summaries
Provides a topic summary from the most relevant Wikipedia article, wherever possible.
Background Wallpaper Features

Navigate to if you wish to remove the background wallpaper completely, along with all its associated features (useful for faster loading on poor internet connections). Navigate to for the full version of SearchScene with daily changing wallpaper scenery.

Use Full HD images
Switch on to use High Definition images on faster internet connections. Switch off to use lower resolution, Standard Definition images on slower internet connections.
Use Quad HD images
Desktop only. Switch on to use Quad HD images (2560 × 1440) for very high definition image quality on large desktop monitors and fast internet connections. Switch off to use lower resolution HD or SD images on smaller monitors or slower internet connections.
Auto-image zoom out
Slow zoom-in on wallpaper images when they appear
Restore Defaults
Dark Mode

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