SearchScene is a search engine that helps fight climate change.

We donate most of our profits to charity, with a focus on supporting charities that help fight climate change and alleviate the suffering caused by climate change.

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We earn money through advertising, just like any other search engine, but we donate 95% of our profits to charity.

You can choose the charities you want to support by clicking on the heart-shaped charity icon at the top-right of any page. At the end of each year, our donations will be divided up according to everyone's chosen charities.

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Using SearchScene to search the web is a unique way to help fight climate change and alleviate suffering.

Whether you know it or not, you use a search engine each time you search the web. Why not help save the planet at the same time, doing what you do anyway! Use SearchScene to search the web and raise money for charity with every search you make.

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Who said that search engines have to be boring?

We show you different wallpaper scenery every day, allowing you to explore some of the world's most beautiful places as you search.

Make SearchScene Your Homepage

Together we can make a difference.

Set SearchScene as your homepage and help make the world a better place.

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SearchScene - saving the planet, one search at a time!
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