SearchScene Browser Extensions

SearchScene is a charitable search engine. We earn money through advertising, just like any other search engine, but the big difference is that we donate up to 95% of our profits to major international charities.

Add the SearchScene browser extension to your web browser and help us save the planet!

We have browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers.

What does the browser extension do?

The browser extension does three things:

  1. It sets your homepage to
  2. It opens every time you open a new tab
  3. It sets your default search engine to SearchScene. This allows you to type any search query into your address bar and your search will be executed on SearchScene.

How do I install the browser extension?

Unfortunately, we do not have a browser extension available for your browser at the moment, but you can still easily set as your homepage – click here to see how!

How do I make changes to the browser extension?

You should know that you can individually modify or undo any of the three settings that were set by the SearchScene browser extension.

For example, if you want to keep SearchScene as your default search engine, but you want to remove it as your homepage or new tab, you can go to your browser settings and make that change.

Since you are not using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, you do not need to worry about modifying anything, since you do not have our browser extension installed.

How do I completely uninstall the SearchScene browser extension?

To completely uninstall our browser extension, simply visit your browser's extensions page and either flick the little switch next to the SearchScene extension to disable the extension or click on “Remove” to remove it completely.

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